The d3d11 Module

DirectPython core module.


enableDebugging() → None

Enables Direc3D debugging. Use only if you have installed a DirectX SDK. Also call this before you create any DirectPython objects.

enumAdapters() → list

Enumerates all adapters and returns the results. List items are normal tuples: (devicename, vendorid, deviceid, subsysid, revision, dedicatedvideomemory, dedicatedsystemmeomry, sharedsystemmemory).

getClipboardData() → str

Returns unicode text from the clipboard or None if no data is available.

getCursorPos() → int x, int y

Returns the cursor position in screen coordinates.

isKeyDown(key) → bool

Returns True if the given key is currently down. You can also test ASCII-characters and mouse buttons with this.

#Is the right arrow key down?

#Is the "T"-key down? Must be in upper-case.

#Is the left mouse button down?
messageBox(window, text, title, type) → int
  • window – A parent Window for the dialog. Can be None.
  • text – Text for the message box.
  • title – Title for the message box.
  • type – A combination of Message box-values.

Shows a message box and returns user’s choice.

setCursorPos(int x, int y) → None

Sets the cursor position in screen coordinates.

setClipboardData(str) → None

Sets unicode text to the clipboard.


See Core d3d11 classes.

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