DirectPython 11 is an open source (BSD licensed) C++ extension to the Python programming language which provides basic access to the Direct3D 11 API. It is an indirect successor to the original DirectPython extension.

Basically DirectPython is a layer that converts Python objects into a form which Direct3D can handle. Biggest differences are in the interface: the Python side is somewhat simplified (or "pythonized"). You don't have to write hundreds of lines of low-level COM-handling code to just draw a triangle. In short, DirectPython is not a 1:1 mapping to Direct3D, but it is not a high-level library either.

You don't have to own a Direct3D 11 capabale graphics card in order to use this library as Direct3D 11 supports hardware from Direct3D 9 to 11, altough advanced features can't be used with older cards. Also a high performance WARP-software rasterizer can be used if no hardware is available. However, an operating system which supports Direct3D 11 is required. Currently Windows Vista (Service Pack 2 with platform update) and Windows 7 support Direct3D 11.

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(alpha release)

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Some features

Each of these features is demonstrated in the samples that are included with the full installation. Currently there are over 10 different samples that show the basics of DirectPython programming.

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